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The Best Maple Skirting Boards Available Online…Now!

Ordering your maple skirting boards is easy. You’ve already decided what type of wood you want, (remember, we also stock beech, ash, MDF, oak and walnut amongst others). Now you need to decide on your profile. Here’s three of our most popular:

Maple Skirting Boards -

We also supply loads of other profiles. In fact, if you want to copy any existing skirting profiles you might have, just send in a sample of it

Some Interesting Stuff About Maple Skirting Boards...

Maple, like walnut, gives a really beautiful finish. It is hardwearing and gives a great look to all types of rooms. Maple skirting can differ in types of grain, but generally has a deep tan colour. Maple looks great with just a lick of varnish, but we can paint skirting boards so just tell us what you need!

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